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Join the Exoskeleton revolution

At Skelex, we're more than just a company – we're a revolutionary force in the passive exoskeleton movement. Our mission is to empower people to surpass their human potential, focusing on enhancing the safety, strength, and overall work experience of industrial workers. Our innovative approach combines deep knowledge in engineering, design, and ergonomics, aiming to reshape how humans work in industrial environments.

Why work at Skelex?


Innovation at our Core:

Our products, like the Skelex 360 and Edge, are the culmination of extensive customer feedback, rigorous field testing, and a relentless pursuit of maximizing human potential. If you love tinkering, solving issues and seeing the tangible difference you make Skelex might be for you!


Impact Across Industries:

Our exoskeletons have become standard in various sectors like aerospace, automotive, construction, and more. By being a part of Skelex, you contribute to significant advancements in these industries, providing value and safety to workers globally.


A Dynamic Team Environment:

Join a youthful yet vastly experienced team of ergonomists, engineers, and product designers. At Skelex, you'll be part of a group that is constantly refining prototypes, backed by exhaustive testing and a passion for helping industrial workers achieve their ultimate potential.


Personal and Professional Growth:

Working at Skelex means being in an environment that encourages growth and innovation. As a part of our team, you'll have the opportunity to work on groundbreaking projects, expand your skill set, and make a tangible impact on the future of industrial work.

Based in the largest impact campus in Europe 

Titaan, designed in 1964 as the Caballero factory's tobacco leaf warehouse, has been transformed into an impact innovation hub since 2023. During the renovation, circularity was priority, components such as steel doors, scrap wood and discarded jeans were used for insulation and acoustic wall coverings. In addition, 1,000 solar panels were installed on Titaan's roof, generating 330,000 kWh per year. This makes Titaan a Nearly Energy Neutral Building (BENG) and gives the building an A+++ label.

The building features a fully fledged bar, resturant, gym, showers, an affordable and sustainable daily lunch. In additional to free Coffee, Cappuccino and tea.


Join us in helping people all around the world performing Industrial work stay safe, be more comfortable and more productive. We welcome you to submit your application to one of our open roles below or send in a open application if you cant find a role that suits you.

Disclaimer: We do not compensate nor engage third parties for recruitment purposes 

skelex 360 in use

Open Application

Skelex HQ, The Hague

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