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Skelex Exoskeleton being used in agriculture

Working with over 500 farmers and foresters

Farmer using Skelex exoskeletons

"I've been suffering from shoulder pain for several years, and the exoskeleton provides me with real relief," Valérie Savary, who milks every day in a 2 X 8 60° herringbone milking parlor, appreciates. "I've been using it at every milking for 4 months, and I really see the difference. I no longer have shoulder pain after milking. It helps to keep the arms horizontal and supports them. I put it on in 10 seconds, and during milking, I completely forget about it."

Valérie Savary

A farmer in Zutquerque in Pas-de-Calais, France.

Use Cases

Our food system is increasingly under pressure to provide healthy, nutritious and sustainable food to a growing number of people. We help Agricultural/forestry workers keeping up with all their daily tasks while keep them safe, happy and healthy.

Skelex exoskeleton for vertical farming

Vertical farming

Skelex exoskeleton for plant picking


Skelex exoskeleton for cow miling

Cow Milking

Skelex exoskeleton for plant pruning


Skelex exoskeleton for planting


Skelex exoskeleton for logging

Tree and hedge






Prolonged Endurance



How our products help operators?
Each of our products is designed to independently reduce physical strain and
provide distinct ergonomic benefits to industrial operators. 

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