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Skelex 360-XFR

Built to make you last, the 360-XFR was first conceived  as a collaboration between Skelex, Airbus and TNO to solve the problem of work place injuries caused by prolonged & repetitive over head work. The 360 supports the human upper body by using Skelex patented Flex frame technology.


  • Provides 0.5-4 kg of adjustable support per arm ​

  • Only weighs 2.3kg

  • 360° range of motion

  • CE class A medical device

  • Fits 80% of the population (1.5M-2M)

  • Made in the Netherlands with Love

  • 1 year Warranty


Steel BACK NB.png



Built to make you last the 360-welding was built out of the need of existing XFR customers for extremely harsh welding environments that required the strictest ISO standards to be met.




  • Same as the XFR

  • Outer shell made of leather and all materials compliant to Class II Fire Retardant safety standards

  • Fully compliant and certified for use in harsh welding environments


Skelex Edge

Built to make you last, the Edge supports the your back with our patented technology using external 'muscles' that enhance your endurance. 




  • >20% reduction in Lifting strain

  • 15% spinal loading reduction

  • -40% back muscle activation

  • Integrated Knee pads

  • One size fits all

  • only 0.25kg

  • Fully free range of motion

Edge BACK NB.png
Neck support BACK NB.png



Neck Support

Skelex Neck Support helps users reduce the fatigue on the neck and shoulder muscles and prevent the neck from injury due to overextension, especially for users who are working overhead frequently over extended periods of time.




  • 5kg of Head supporting force

  • 0.15kg weight

  • One size fits all

  • CE class A medical device 

  • Made in the Netherlands with love

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