While the possibilities are endless when it to comes Skelex 360 °'s utility in industry and manufacturing processes, here are some industries who are early-adopters of our technology and are already helping their employees be their ultimate and complete typically strenuous tasks weightlessly.

Construction & Infrastructure

Construction & Infrastructure projects involve working in a rough environment, with construction workers carrying out some of the most physically taxing jobs. Working in constrained spaces with awkward postures takes a toll on the body and limits productivity.

Skelex 360 ° helps workers using heavy tools such as concrete drills. It is also invaluable for light repetitive work such as painting ceilings and building overhead installations.

Shipbuilding & Restoration

The Netherlands has shipbuilding in its DNA, with the Port of Rotterdam and large shipbuilders concentrated in a geographically small country. A large number of workers who are involved in shipbuilding, maintenance, and restoration have found the strain of their tasks reduced greatly when using Skelex 360 °. Be it for sanding, painting, installing, or welding, the Skelex 360 ° exoskeleton has a proven track record in boosting productivity and reducing injuries in shipbuilding.

Automotive & Aerospace Manufacturing

The application of scientific management for the completion of industrial tasks has led to jobs becoming more repetitive, which can be observed in the realms of automotive and aerospace manufacturing.

Skelex  360 °can help workers by supporting their arms against gravity, allowing them to feel weightless in their arms. This reduces the risk of fatigue, which reduces the chances of costly mistakes and occupational injuries.