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Meet us at ZIE 2024 in Rotterdam

Discover the future of innovation at Zuid-Hollands (Soulth Holland) Industry Event 2024! 🌟 InnovationQuarter presents six promising scale-ups that promote sustainability and efficiency with innovative technologies and Skelex is happy to be among them.

See all the Innovative companies joining below:

Skelex – Innovative exoskeletons that reduce the physical burden on workers and increase efficiency in various industries.

Kalpana Systems – Groundbreaking technology that deposits atomic layers for improved batteries and solar cells, bringing sustainable energy within reach.

Spectral Industries – Real-time solutions for measuring atomic compositions, transforming industries from raw materials to recycling. – Compact hydrogen fuel cell systems that are transforming heavy industries and paving the way for clean energy.

Villari – Wireless sensors that detect crack formation in steel structures, taking safety and maintenance to a higher level.

Battolyser Systems – Leading technology that enables green hydrogen production and net zero energy, for a more sustainable future.

Many thanks to Innovation Quarter for having us. If you would like to join us you can register here

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