Skelex 360-XFR

The ultimate exoskeleton for overhead work. 

Skelex 360-XFR

The new ultimate

Created for Condition-resistance

Not just safe to use in industrial settings, the Skelex 360-XFR was built for supreme durability. Significant components of the outer shell (arm cups, height adjustment system) are crafted with Tencate TecaSafe (Plus)® and Kevlar ® Nomax ®, making these components fire and flame retardant, oil and water repellant and static repellent.



Be Your Ultimate – With Ultimate Comfort and Functionality


The Skelex 360-XFR comes with a revamped arm cup interface. It has a Pinch Lock release and V-Lock arm length adjustment for increased functionality. We’ve redesigned EVA padding for added comfort and absorption. Available in three sizes and back compatible with all Skelex 360 devices.

Minimal interference with work environments


Skelex 360-XFR is optimally used with back covers (sold seperately and back compatible with previous generation Skelex devices – inquire here!) that protect work environments from the exoskeleton springs, preventing scratches and tangles. The springs are made with Tencate TecaSafe (Plus)® and reinforced with PP patches to ensure fire retardancy for the FlexFrame.

Safely Adoptable For Multiple Users


Skelex 360-XFR can be shared easily by multiple users because of its easily detachable and cleanable components. It has numerous adjustment options and arm cups available in S, M and L sizes. Further, the Skelex Softgoods set (sold seperately) comes with personal arm cups and harnesses for multiple users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lift heavy loads with a Skelex exoskeleton?
Skelex is a tool for light repetitive tasks – with or without using tools – up to 5 kg. Therefore it is more accurately a support device and not a device to lift heavy loads with.
What applications / activities can your suit be used for?
Skelex is most effective for overhead or front-facing work. Therefore, activities such as sanding, painting, welding, grinding, maintenance and assembly are made much easier with a Skelex exoskeleton.
What is the weight of the exoskeleton?

Skelex 360-XFR weighs 2.5kg in totality, making it the lightest non-powered commercial upper body exoskeleton in the world.

Are Skelex exoskeletons fatigue tested?

Yes, they are tested for 1,000,000 cycles.

Does it come with a battery or motor?

The suit does not use any external power or motors.

What certificates does the Skelex 360-XFR come with? Fire retardant, anti-static, etc.
The Skelex 360-XFR is a Class A-medical device. Key components including the outer shell, adjustment systems and back covers are made with resistant materials which comes with the following certifications – EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 11612 , EN ISO GB 8965.1, EN ISO 1149.
Are there any limitations to be expected in my normal day job/activity with Skelex 360-XFR?
With any enabling technology, there are some natural limitations. However, for the prescribed applications there are no restrictions.
Can you regulate the force?

Yes, the force can be regulated from 1kg to 4.9kg per arm (stepless)

Can I switch-off the suit?
The suit cannot be switched off as it does not operate on battery or electric power. However, the suit is very simple to take off, with the arm cups being easy to remove as well.
Can I put on the suit myself?
The suit can be worn and removed in less than 30 seconds by the wearer.
Is there a training possible or are training videos available?

For all training materials, please refer to the following link. On-site training is possible – please contact the Skelex preferred dealer in your region to learn more.

Are there use-cases of Skelex 360-XFR available?

You can find the latest use cases of our devices on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages. We are also happy to share industry-specific use-cases of the Skelex 360. Please contact us at

What is the business case?
Skelex is a device to be used as protection to reduce the risk of ergonomic injuries.
Where can I find the user manual?

You can download the Skelex 360-XFR manual here

What measures can I take to ensure proper hygiene for the suit?

All textile parts of the Skelex exoskeleton can be removed for washing in a few seconds. The arm cup socks are easily removable as well, the exoskeleton can be used sans arm cup sock without any issues. Please refer to the corresponding section of the Skelex 360 Quick Start guide for more knowledge on hygiene.

When my workers work in shifts, can the 2nd and 3rd shift have their personal harness instead of buying a full suit?

We recommend individual harnesses for each worker, while the exoskeleton can be shared among the team.

What is the working temperature range of the suit?

Skelex 360-XFR works optimally in the -20˚C to +40˚C temperature range.

How does your suit work?
Skelex exoskeletons are powered by our proprietary FlexFrame Technology, which adapts to the user’s body shape, supporting biological movement of the shoulder joint and transfers weight to the lower body. The suit uses the FlexFrame to bypass the weight load to the users lower body. The FlexFrame stores and releases energy in an intelligent manner to compensate for gravity, ensuring comfort and long-term well being of users.
Are accessories available?
An inventory of all spare parts and accessories can be found here. Please make note of the serial number of the part/accessory you are looking for and get in touch with a Skelex Dealer or us directly at
Do you have a price list?

Please contact a Skelex Dealer or us directly at for a consolidated price list.

Do you have white papers?

For endorsed white papers, please refer to the following link.

Where can I find pictures, videos and use-cases of Skelex?

Follow our LinkedIn and Facebook pages for the latest feed on all things Skelex.

Do you have references to different markets and segments?

Our network of dealers and distributors are adequately equipped to assist you with this. You can view our network of dealers here.

Name some companies that have adopted your suits
Some multinational companies that have adopted Skelex exoskeletons for their workforce are Ministerie van Defensie, Airbus, Transavia, ENGIE Axim, Nissan, GE, SNCF, Alstom, BAE Systems, Naval Group and Honda.
Where can I buy a suit?

A Skelex exoskeleton cannot be purchased on this website. Please get in touch with the Skelex Dealer in your corresponding country. If there are no Skelex dealers in your country, please get in touch with us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Is there any risk using the suit?

We are often faced with questions pertaining to whether exoskeletons weaken the muscles after consistent inactive – using a Skelex exoskeleton does not weaken or deteriorate the muscles. An expert from Vanderbilt University, USA conducted an independent research on this topic, the summary of which can be found here. Disclaimer – definitive long-term effects of the suit is not known at the moment. While only time will answer the few remaining questions left unanswered regarding risk, Scientific evidence puts beyond doubt the effectiveness of Skelex improving overheard working conditions in the long term. More endorsed research papers can be found here.

Do you customize your suits?

We provide custom exoskeleton solutions for large organizations. Please get in touch with us at with your request.

Can disabled workers or workers with an injury use the suit?

We are currently performing tests on individuals born with disabilities and will share our results once proven.

Is your suit a medical device or certified as a PPE?

The Skelex 360 is a Medical Class-A Device.

Can it be combined with other PPE's?

Skelex exoskeleton work with most PPE’s used for welding, sanding, painting and similar activities.

Does the suit make me stronger?

Skelex exoskeletons do not make you stronger. However, it does increase your stamina for overhead work.