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Built to make you last the Edge passively supports the wears back using ergonomically placed durable elastics. This Exoskeleton for back support not only supports your back but also integrates protective knee pads. The Skelex Edge can be deployed as both a preventative measure and or Treatment for work related musculoskeletal disorders affecting the back and lower back.

Skelex Edge │ Exoskeleton for back support

750,00 €Preis
exkl. MwSt.
Expected to ship by June
    • >20% reduction in Lifting strain

    • 15% spinal loading reduction

    • -40% back muscle activation

    • Integrated Knee pads

    • One size fits all

    • only 0.25kg

    • Fully free range of motion

    • CE class A medical device

    • Made in the Netherlands with love

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