At Skelex, we believe that the human body is capable of so much more – provided it is given the right external support. Our device marries intelligent mechanics with a user-centric and ergonomic design to give employees greater endurance, strength, and effectiveness while completing physically taxing activities.

Skelex Empowers Workers

Skelex aids workers and employers by ensuring safety, comfort, and making physical tasks as risk-free as possible. To make workers safer, high-risk jobs needed to be assessed: what kind of pressure does the body experience when working in a certain industry? And how can relief be provided? Injuries in the automotive industry, for example, can be attributed to working in constrained spaces and awkward postures, often overhead and using heavy tools.


The strain from industrial tasks contributes to a gradual, yet considerable impact on the spine, arms, lower and upper back – apart from the personal consequences of any workplace injury. These injuries, consequences, and eventually costs to employers can be prevented by increasing the comfort of workers and alleviating the continuous stress their bodies experience.


Skelex helps workers by supporting their arms against gravity, which reduces overhead arm exertion by approximately 40%. Over the duration of their working careers, Skelex can save employees large amounts of money by reducing the risk of chronic work-related physical injuries.

Defy gravity - become weightless

Owing to the reduction in fatigue, workers can truly concentrate on their job – be it painting ceilings, undertaking overhead installations, sanding, welding, or even heavy lifting. By asking ourselves questions about how we can provide relief to pressure points, we are able to augment strength into the arms and spine, using our state-of-the-art technology.