Our story

How we came to be, what we’ve been working on, and what we’re striving towards.


Skelex is the brainchild of Gaurav Genani, an Indian engineer, ergonomist, and entrepreneur who came to the Netherlands to study Engineering at TU Delft in 2010. The idea for Skelex was inspired by Gaurav’s fascination with the ‘human aspect’ of technology and engineering from his time at university and being a musician. Skelex thus goes beyond being an exoskeleton buoyed by cutting-edge mechanical technology – it is centred around improving the overall utility and comfort of how humans work in an industrial setting.

Skelex is now located at the Innovation Dock at RDM Rotterdam, where the team is constantly testing, optimizing, and perfecting the Skelex suit.


Continued Development

In 2015, iTanks established a partnership between partner Bilfinger and Skelex with the aim of collaborating to develop a working ergonomic load-reducing exoskeleton. Further, both parties additionally developed a solution for stress-reduction for painters and have also worked on an ergonomic solution for scaffolding builders. Over the last couple of years, around 200 people have tested the Skelex exoskeleton at various companies in numerous different fields of industry with great success.


Collaboration is increasingly mentioned as an important educational outcome and most models of 21st-century education include collaboration as a key skill. That is why Skelex has teamed up with multiple partners to further develop the product.