The X-Factor

Inspired by the desire to revolutionalize physical work, Skelex envisions, design, and produce custom upper-body exoskeletons for industrial applications. We combine intelligent mechanics with a thoughtfully user-centric and ergonomic design to give industrial employees greater endurance, strength, and effectiveness while completing physically straining tasks. Our products give employers an invaluable means of reducing workplace injuries and chronic upper-body strain while boosting the long-term health of workers.


By drastically reducing the exertion on the arms, Skelex 360° aids workers by ensuring safety, comfort, and making physical tasks as risk-free as possible. Mechanical energy stored in the suits’ springs helps compensate for gravity, which enables the arms to feel weightless in three dimensions and reduces overhead exertion by 40%.



Is Skelex 360° for you?

Do your workers have to work long hours in demanding postures?

Are your tasks fatigue-inducing and require lifting and repetitive motion?

Do your tasks require overhead exertion – like in manufacturing, maintenance, assembly, construction, welding, cutting, grinding, or painting?

If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, contact us immediately to Be Your Ultimate!

Our Partners

Skelex is a government, VC, and industry-backed startup with roots in Research & Development. We work with the best to bring new wearable technologies to the market. Our devices are industry-adopted and standard tested by over 200 multinational companies and industrial organizations.