Unleash Your True Human Potential with Skelex

The Wait for Weightlessness is Over

At Skelex, we are driven by the goal of helping people surpass their human potential. We design, produce, and market custom exoskeleton solutions for industrial applications that eliminate constraints and reduce fatigue. Our product has already been adopted by the employees of large-scale manufacturing companies and multinational industrial organizations – including the Dutch Ministry of Defence and Airbus.

Enter Skelex

Simple, yet powerful : FlexFrame Technology

Our FlexFrame Technology ® adapts to the user’s body shape, supporting biological movement of the shoulder joint and transfers weight to the lower body. The FlexFrame stores and releases energy in an intelligent manner to compensate for gravity, ensuring comfort and long-term well being of users.



Inspired by the Desire to Revolutionalize Physical Work

Human endeavour and innovation have been buoyed by the mind and limited by the physical confines of the body for many years. Imagine if the human body was not limited by its physical abilities ? This is the present and future that Skelex strives to help create.

What began in 2013 as a collaborative research project, is today an industry-adopted standard tested in over 200 multinational companies.

Our Partners

Skelex is a government, VC and industry backed startup with its roots in Research & Development. We work with the best to bring new wearable technologies to the market.